Ichimoku with MACD/ CMF/ TSI

This is a very powerful trend strategy designed for markets such as stocks market , stock index and crypto.

For time frames I found out that 1h seems to do the trick.

Ichimoku full pack
MACD histogram
CMF oscillator
TSI oscillator

Rules for entry
Long :
For Ichimoku:Tenkan part of cloud is bigger than kijun, Chikou is above 0 , close of a candle is above the Senkou
MACD histogram is above 0
CMF oscillator is positive and bigger than 0.1
TSI oscillator is above 0

For Ichimoku:Tenkan part of cloud is smaller than kijun, Chikou is below 0 , close of a candle is belowthe Senkou
MACD histogram is below 0
CMF oscillator is negative and below -0.1
TSI oscillator is below 0

Rules for exit
This strategy does not have any risk management inside. Instead it exits whenver it receives an opposite signal form the original one used for entry.

If you have any questions let me know !

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