Stock Vn Signal Buy Sell Pro [PlungerMen]

Vn Stock Signal Buy Sell Pro , mix 2 indicaror in it for exactly Signal

This Script is perfectly functional and works well by me and the best way to use this script is to use it with “Long Short" script, both compliment for each other. the "Long Short" script is Free, you can find it by searching
If you want to be more accurate and more efficient, more comfortable when you do not want to see too many other indicators, you can register for our Professional edition.
- The Professional Edition supports Level 1 and Level 2 commands ( display at chart : LONG+, long-, SHORT,+,short- ), which are very effective in allocating funds and optimizing your profits
Besides that,You will be supported by personal preferences, profit maximization -2.64% -1.30% -3.21% -3.33% -3.27% Scalping Pro and B Long Short Pro
- We will invite you to the signal channel Telgram with the announcement of the bottom and the peak of the BTC -3.11% -2.64% -1.30% -3.21% -3.33% -3.27% 0.60% -0.13% ,the big variable variable has exists
**We hope you enjoy this script. Your support will help us develop more good quality scripts in the future to serve the community **
**Remember, Like this script and posivite feedback if you are satisfied**
if you have any questions, post a comment ... below here
*********** Guide:
+ option for all frames : Click setting and input high and low for time inteval
+ hide wave trend : Click setting -> click Style --> Up trend Fill or Down trend fill
New features: this time we add two lines that can help traders trader safer. When the red line cross above the green line means we are in the downtrend and when the green line cross above the red line, which means we are in a uptrend. This new features will help traders do a safer trade at small time frame.

We have the Script free for the user pass, search keyword " Vn Stock Signal Buy Sell Pro "

-->> 0.2 eth/1 month will be used Script: Vn Stock Signal Buy Sell Pro Pro an Super Bot alert telegram <--
リリースノート: Update the faster Signal Up down and fiter RSI
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can i try?
Hi. Could you please provide me with a trial for a couple of days? Thanks.
can i get a trial ?
@T64, yes, you can try 3days
can i try?
luongson107 O456_Holo
@O456_Holo, yes,you can try 7days
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