New York Zones

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Hello traders, here is a indicator which is based on a strategy I found on a forum. I hope you will find it useful.

Rules to Follow:

1) Wait for signal . Signal appears at 9:30. (New York time)

2) Wait for price to mitigate the zone

3) Sell anywhere in this range after or during zone mitigation.

4) Keep stop Wide to avoid getting stopped out.

5) Target the previous liquidity with minimum 3RR.

6) Look for opposite trade if zone fails to hold , with proper analysis

Note :

1) This Indicator is made specifically for US30 and US100 (Indices) but can be used with other pairs as well (need back testing)

2) I would not recommend to place the trade right away as soon as signal appears , wait for liquidity to be taken out and place a trade after confirmation.

3) Trades can be placed below the zone as well but the probability of entry may decrease ,while increasing the accuracy.

4) Use timeframe <= 5 min to take entries.

Trade scenarios

Perfect trade :

Price failed to hold, you got stopped out and market changes direction :

Price respect zone in future:
Added rules windows to make it easy to understand.
Added color changing candles .

You might not see the changes when turning the settings on Because the default chart overlays over the indicator.
Follow the guide to make it visible: