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Delta Continuum SpaceManBTC

This is a tool that ive made with a brand new code base, to assist traders of all timeframes.
The new version of this tool makes use of the intra data to collect the tick for tick data that can be provided, this allows the provisioning of orderflow on tradingview.
Using a calculation of pure tick data and volume calculations, the display is created allowing the means to display a bid and ask seperation functionality to show the trades taking place in a market.
Taking account for this real time data it can show the exact moments a market participant is taking a trade.

This tool is an advanced way of determining the levels of which point is being interacted with to display the points at which a seller has stepped in to interact with a level, providing additional confluences when taking a trade.
Typically the best use case for this indicator is to see when their is a point of trapped traders in the trade, e.g. late longing resistance or late shorting support. Works best on futures contracts due to the high levels of execution volume in comparison.
Highly recommend dialing the ticksize manually. The ticksize for this indicator is best used manually as it allows for greater consistency when seeing who is participating at what level, as auto ticksize,
focuses on the volatility of the previous candle to display some data for the current candle. Now this will make it easier to use, it can reduce the consistency of the indicator when providing data.
Autoticksize will still be useful and will provide some confluence to the new flow traders.

to generate the data the candle must be the realtime candle and will not generate for historical candles, however this data for the real time candle will be only generated from the exact point in time to which the candle is loaded.
The indicator can show both the bid/ask split but alternatively the user can choose to just show the delta instead for ease of viewing.

Release the ticksize candles, to allow for tickbased charts and not just time based.

Updated, no UI error overlap. Some historic bars were overlaying after calculation, this should be fixed now.


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