Accurate Swing Trading System

Accurate Swing Trading System
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Best timeframe charts for intraday ?
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CHINMAY_BISATI 4ba94e636ce44151aacf39d7234053
@4ba94e636ce44151aacf39d7234053, 1min , 3min , 5min sometimes 15mins <3
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shashisonawane1371 4ba94e636ce44151aacf39d7234053
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Hi ceyhun,

Thank you for your work.

I placed these two lines at the end of your script and created the alerts but they fail to trigger, am I missing something?
alertcondition(Buy, title='Alert on Buy', message='Buy!')
alertcondition(Sell, title='Alert on Sell', message='Sell!')
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does the signal repaint?
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please give demo for how to use this system, I am new into market.
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ceyhun yogi1012
@yogi1012, The trading or investing logic is simple.... buy on close above 3 days high and sell on close below 3 days low.
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@ceyhun, sir... I am new in trading.. I was searching about the indicators I found your indicators that is looking so remarkable but I have a small question that can i use it without any hesitation...and all the changes have been made in the scripts ? Because your given indicator is al remarkable... I made question to other script developer but they don't give any answer . Please you release something..
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if any chance plz bilt multy accurate swing
like 15 m & 5 m if 15 trend bullish-5 m is buy=long
if 15 trend bullish -5 m is sell=long cover
15 trend =bearish -5 m is sell = short sell
15 trend = bearish -5 m is buy = short cover
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