Trend Breakout high/low #1

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What is the Trend Breakout high/low #1?
This script uses the high/low of each fixed time period as a conditional judgment, and when the high/low is broken as a buy/sell signal, trying to capture a trend.

How to use this script?
Start date and Stop date: You can choose the date of the test.
Trading cycle: Selected time period is used as the basis for determining the high/low and is limited to one trade only.
Stop range: This value will calculate the stop loss range. Set 50-100 that is better
Fixed mode: Fixed of lots per transaction.
---Additional Functions---
Reversal mode: Reversing the buy and sell signals, may be useful in certain situations.
Wighted mode: Increased profitability under certain conditions
When win & When lose:Judgment when there is an ongoing loss/profit as a condition, may be useful in certain situations.
Use closing price: Use the closing price breakout high/low as a conditional judgment, but this function sometimes fails.

Trading cycle and your chart time period can't be set too close,that will result repainting.
Stop range can't be set too small,that will result repainting either.
Remove - Wighted mode
Remove - When win & When lose mode
Add - SMA long mode
Remove - reversal mode
Fix - repaint, but it just used the close price. It's Pine script restriction, can't have it both ways.
Add - SMA swich mode .It's filter
Add - SMA2. Used to takeprofit
- development -
If you want to make money, you can choose to use "Trend #2 - BB+EMA", That's free and I'm using it.
If you want to make more money, send me a message,"Trend #3" development completed, I will show you about that.
V4 - Make code compact
V5 - Add ATR to TP
V6 - Minor changes to the script

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