Linear regression slope as SAR

This model calculate the slope of the linear regression and give you the uptrend or the down trend of the slope

red line are downtrend and green line are up trend
using len 1 you can make it longer or shorter (I put it on length of 40 but you can change that to what ever you want )
Similar to SAR it can give us the trends of buy and sell only by doing it by the linear way

try longer length to see if it smooth the signal

4 hour graph
リリースノート: add color zone for berish and bullish area as option
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Very cool, thanks for sharing.
@wroclai, Thanks, I think with real PSAR it can complement it, but I need to think on away to do it
wroclai RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, I look forward to what you can cook up. I did compare this with your PSAR and I think they could compliment each other well, too. good luck!
@wroclai, as you see here
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