Pivot Moving Average steteggy

this Pivot Moving Average steteggy works best on a chart --->>Above 100$ crypto

Sniper is very profitable in terms of% good trades
It will perform very well on 1-5X Leverage (Solid leverage, not variable depending on the volume )

TP: 0.9 %
SL : 5.5 %
リリースノート: Removed unused comments
リリースノート: Pivot Moving Average strategy works best on a chart below criteria

1. Strategy build for crypt only, if its work with other trade, then well and good
2. Used 15 minutes time frame
3. Coin price should be more then 1 USDT
4. Coin should not be highly volatile

Road Map :
1. This strategy will be do automatically order place and close without any third party tool and you no need to share private key anyone
2. Java code is implemented but under testing phase
リリースノート: Enhancement on entry and exit order
Tried to reduce minimised the Risk
リリースノート: Minor correction
リリースノート: Adjust profile as your Risk
リリースノート: To avoid difference in calculation on history/realtime
リリースノート: Revert short name
リリースノート: Improve stability
リリースノート: Tailing Stop loss concept
リリースノート: Use EMA200 line for entry
リリースノート: Take near entry point
リリースノート: Revert barmerge
リリースノート: Stability
リリースノート: Remove comments

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