Bullish Volume [Alerts]

A really simple script I made for someone, but also noticed I couldn't find anything like it that's as quick or simple (I may just be dumb)

Simply labels out and alerts you when three consequently higher volume bars appear, pretty useless on its own but for crypto, it works great to quickly notice if some important fundamentals suddenly cause the price to rocket. It works best with hour timeframes. Personally I'd use it with 4h.

I find it useful to know if something in a market is stirring attention and hope others can find it useful.




great script. do you use it for algo trading?
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kifier bigbenoptions
@bigbenoptions, Yep, this + a good trend analysis indicator is honestly great
Great indicator
How would you configure it to do the same for bearish signals?
kifier nico6627
@nico6627, This version can only really work with long trades, but I might make that an option in the future!