Trading Session Indicator

This indicator is basically just a back-testing tool. All it does is highlight the background of your charts with the specified color within the specified timezone.

This is useful particularly for back-testing purposes, such as testing a day-trading strategy within a particular period of the day or ignoring signals that fall within the given timeframe (which is useful for ignoring setups during your testing that appear while you're asleep or at work etc.)

Take it easy :)
- Matt.
リリースノート: Minor improvements
リリースノート: Added alert functionality
リリースノート: Added "end of session" alert functionality
リリースノート: Fixed end of session alert
リリースノート: Updated alert functionality
リリースノート: Added ability to hide background color on a separate timeframe
リリースノート: Added an option to hide this indicator on the 4HR timeframe, Daily, Weekly and Monthly
リリースノート: -
- Converted to Pine Script v4
リリースノート: A few minor changes & improvements
リリースノート: Fixed the script not working on weekends
リリースノート: Updated to Pine Script v5

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