[TTI] MTF – Moving Averages & Bollinger Bands

––––History & Credit
Big credit to kv4coins, whose script I used to build upon, check it out great for MTF indicator of MAs

–––––What it does
The script allows you to see different moving averages, on different timeframes as well as seeing their last values.
There is a table to reference the values of the MAs for Stop Losses

It also includes MTF Bollinger Band with a special trick. The upper and lower BB can be changed and customised. This way you can plot a upper band of 3 stdv and lower band of 1stdv. Also it includes, MTF as well.

–––––How to use it
MAs and BBs are lagging indicators used for determining the trends of the market. They are used in many methodologuies in trading.
リリースノート: UPDATES

Adding more explanation to the scripts:
  • Option 1: Standard MTF MAs - These can show current timeframe OR HIGHER timeframe

  • Option 2 : Data Table with the chosen MAs values, this can be useful for stop losses or to use as a reference to the input settings

  • Option 3 : Convert some of the MAs into Labels. This can be very useful if you use higher timeframes as a stop loss and/or would like to find bounces to higehr timeframes but do not want clutterred chart with many lines

  • Option 4: Include Bollinger Bands - interesting here is that the Upper and Lower BB can be with different multiplier AND on different timeframes. You can have a 3x multiplier on the Upper Band on a Daily timeframe AND a 1x multiplier on the Lower Band on the daily. There are strategies that require such separation.

  • Option 5: Convert either Band into a labels

  • Option 6: Show only last action of the BBs. THis can be useful to keep chart clean but again have recent information about the ticker

  • Option 7: Convert all the visible charts to labels by overwriting them with an option on the bottom (width can be changed as well as length of the lines)

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