ICT New York NY Midnight Open and Divider

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This simple indicator plots out ICT's New York midnight open price and a vertical divider at that time.

12am NY time is a key level to watch for daytrading and intraday scalping, often providing entry levels and orderblocks.

The session time may need to be adjusted for different exchanges, but the default is for most of forex.

Updated notes
Thank you @Ryazn for the suggestions.

-> Option to change Vline style
-> Option to change default current Hline's extend style. "+1 Day" will extend the line by an extra day, "Right" will extend to the right of the screen and "Both" will extend both directions.
Thanks for the feedback!
Here are a few updates:

- Added option to change the timezone and by default will stay on that timezone for all assets

- Added option to change the end time of current HLINE so that it's hourly based. Just input how many hours you want it to go for from NY Open time.

- Added security function so that open time will be more accurate on 1H+ timeframes.
Fixed bug where daily dividers wouldn't show on 5min TF

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