MTF Previous Open/Close/Range

This indicator will simply plot on your chart the Daily/Weekly/Monthly previous candle levels.
The "Auto" mode will allow automatic adjustment of timeframe displayed according to your chart.
Otherwise you can select manually.
Indicator plots the open/close and colors the high-low range area in the background.

Hope this simple indicator will help you !
You can check my indicators via my TradingView's Profile : @PRO_Indicators
リリースノート: Added support for quarters and year timeframes.
Added the optional plot of the 61% extension line (this extension generally acts like a support/resistance)
リリースノート: Added more timeframe options and a gap highlighting (can be desactivated)


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Hello Can I have access to this indicator to see how its performing now?
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Lovely work.Just wanted to thank you.
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grâce ... comme l'acquisition de cet indicateur pour tester
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PRO_Indicators Divergente
@Divergente, C'est un indacteur tout bête qui est extrêmement pratique quand on ne veut faire qu'un trade ou deux par jours.. se positionner sur les niveaux open ou close du jour précédent ou à 61% de retracement sont 3 niveaux qui produisent généralement un bon rendu.. Evidemment c'est pour le flemmards qui n'ont pas le temps d'analyser leurs supports/résistances !
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Hello. Very helpful indicator. Is there a possibility, in order to keep the chart clean, that the lines are only visible on the last candle? Now they are visible on all candles. That is good for backtesting but it would be great if there is an option to have a 1 bar look back . Thanks in advance.