Support & Resistance Dynamic [LuxAlgo]

The Support & Resistance Dynamic indicator aims to return real-time predictive support and resistance zones that are relevant to a detected trend. This makes this indicator similar to our previously published Predictive Ranges indicator.

Users can additionally extend the most recent historical support and resistance zones.


Hypothetical resistance levels in an up-trend or supports in a down-trend would tend to be broken more easily, as such the indicator primary objective is to return reliable real-time support and resistance levels by taking this into account.

When the market is up-trending the indicator will only return support zones, while a down-trending market will cause the indicator to only return resistance zones.

If the price significantly breaks a support/resistance, rendering it unreliable, it can be a sign of a potential reversal.

Users can return support/resistance levels/zones for shorter-term trends by reducing the Multiplicative Factor setting.

🔹 Extension

Users can extend past estimated support/resistance levels, the amount of extended levels is determined by the users. Certain levels can stay relevant in the future, and can also aid in measuring the significance of a breakout, with further past levels being reached being indicative of more significant trends.


To determine if the price is up-trending or down-trending in order to show either support or resistance, the same method used in the predictive ranges script is used. A central tendency is estimated, if price significantly deviates from it upward an uptrend is detected, else a significant deviation downward would indicate a downtrend.

The central tendency estimate is used for the construction of the support and resistance levels.


  • Multiplicative Factor: Determines the frequency at which new supports/resistances are returned, with lower values returning more frequent levels/zones.
  • ATR Length: ATR averaging length used as deviation threshold for the central tendency estimate.
  • Extend Last: Determines the amount of most recent historical supports/resistances to extend to the latest bar.

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