[TTI] Squeeze Pro v2

––––History & Credit
This is the Pro Version of the famous John Carter (JC) indicator TTM Squeeze. John has been trading setups with a "squeeze" for quite some time and is prime indicator in his methodology. JC offers the product in Simpler Trading.

–––––What it does
The indicator prints for moments in time when volatility has tightened. Tight volatility is the prerequisite for many momentum traders. The tight volatility prints a dot on top and bottom of the indicator.
There are 3 types of dots (hence why a Pro version)
  • ⚪️. White = these represent the wide squeezes. These squeezes are more frequent as they do not have so tight criteria
  • 🔴 Red = these represent the settings for the normal squeezes, which are refered to in other platforms as TTM_Squeeze
  • 🟠 Orange = these represent the settings for the high squeezes. These squeezes are rarest and have tightest settings

Settings for the squeezes can be adjusted in the menu section

The histogram bars at the back represent momentum
⬜️ Cyan = this represents increasing momentum to the upside = which is a bullish sign
🟦 Blue = this represents decreasing momentum to the upside = which can suggest a sign of sideways action
🟥 Red = this represents increasing momentum to the downside = which is a bearish sign
🟨. Yellow = this represents decreasing momentum to the downside = which can suggest reversion to the mean

–––––How to use it
Momentum traders wait for moments in time when the volatility of a stock tightens (represented by a squeeze) in order to enter a trade. They assess the long term trend and the probabilities of either a bullish or bearish move.

General rule of thumb is to wait for 5 dots to print before entering a trade.
Exiting a trade would suggest either a fist bar of decreasing momentum (for long this is blue and for short this is yellow)
Sometimes different stocks can act in different ways = therefore traders use the SQUEEZE STATs INDICATOR to assess wether the squeeze is likely to fire to the long side or to the short side.

Advanced trading rules look at Multi-timeframe analysis of squeezes. E.g. Do we have a squeeze on a 2h timeframe as well as a 30min timeframe. One of the rules JC teaches in his classes is never fight the 5min squeeze (for intraday) or the 30min squeeze (for daily trading).

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