Counting Stars Overlay [Market Overview Series]

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Hi fellow tradeurs,
So it's always been my goal to provide one of my best scripts. This is from what I call my "Market Overview" series. It is a scanner for my second best script to date. Market Overview bc of its origins as a scanner of the Kucoin Margin Coins. I realize that there are more coins that there are more margin coins that Kucoin has but I wanted to have a solid 40 coins on each coin "set". If you are unfamiliar with what I mean by 'sets' then you can view my other scanner scripts on this account for futher elaboration but to sum it up....there are 4 sets of coins I have to choose from in the settings. Each set has 40 coins in them (as there is a cap of 40 security calls that can be made per each iteration of the script on the chart). That being said...if you have the capabilities then add this script 4 times to your chart and select a diff set for each copy of the script. This has the scanner in a way that I've yet to present in my others scripts. When the alert for a coin goes off then the coins name will be printed as a label over the main chart. BTW, this was built for the 1 min timeframe and have used it EXTENSIVELY and this is the best TF for how the settings are set. I will also publish another script that will be a visual aid for this one but will rather show all the plots associated with the code that is in this scanner. Know that for the scanner it'll be best to choose a coin that has at least 1 trade/update/printed candle per minute (to be safe use BTC or ETH chart or else some of the signals will be printed if the signal arrives at a point in time where the coin on the screen does not print a candle bc no new trade or update to trades occur in TradingView. For the visual aid script that I will add right after this, there will be 20 different plots that appear. When the AVG of all of these plots is beyond the OverBought line and then the AVG line is falling for 2 bars...THEN the long signal for that coin is generated (and vise versa for short signals) Lastly regarding the visual aid script, THAT ONE will ONLY show the 20 plots that are associated with the coin that the chart is selected for. So that one is not a scanner and is just a stand alone script (again) to show whats going on in the background of this scanner. Now, once you add it however many time you want to see however many sets of coins you want, I recommend merging the scales so that they are all on one scale. I prefer mine being on the left side but all you have to do is select the 3 dots in the scripts settings in the chart window and select the scale location line and it'll open another set of lines at which point you can select "merge to scale Z" (that will be the left scale) and will put all the scales together on the left. I forgot ****If you want to see a whole diff exchange's coins you much make changes to this original script and it is further described how to do so in one of my first publications**** I REALLY hope it becomes of some benefit to you in your trading as it abundantly has in my own. It is after all one of the best of my best. Ohh, I forgot to add alerts to this but will do so immediately following this. To finish, this script DOES NOT REPAINT as far as I have EVER seen (and I have extensively searched for it bc of how good the signals were, I figured I MUST HAVE made a mistake and it did so...but alas...it does not. If you notice something on the contrary do notify me immediately with the coin, exchange, TF, and time of the occurrence and we can go from there. If anyone has any great ideas for the script then please do also let me know and if I find anyone with some abilities that mingle well with my own then lets talk as I'm always looking for good ol chaps to help me out with other scripts bc if you think this is good....well....you must imagine that I've got better that I have not/am not publishing. Aaaaaanywho, goodluck to you all. I wish you the best. ***I've got good info on how to look out for false signals but I want to see what yall come up with first before I give away all my alpha.

AND if anyone asks questions that Ive already touched on in this description or already in the comments sections then maybe someone there would be willing to waste their time answering them bc I've done quite a bit of work here that I am HAPPY to hand over to the general public but if you are not willing to do the work in reading to possibly answer your inquiries that have already been answered then I am not willing to do that work for you again. Peace and love people...peace and love. Im out.
Alerts have been added. Let me know how this is working out for everyone PLEASE. It always pleases me to see that. Peace.


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