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I already shared a method to estimate tops and bottoms (1), the number of parameters could lead to optimization issues so i tried to make a simpler method. In this method i use a simple rescaling method based on individual direction deviation. I will explain further details below.

The Indicator

I use as source for the entire calculation an exponential moving average , the first reaction to this choice would be to think that i wanted to filter signals in order to reduce them, but the truth is that i wanted to have more signals instead, this is because the first calculations involving standard deviations are based on price direction, so by using a smooth input we can get more persistent values in a and b, but its totally up to you to use whatever you want in a, just take into account that less smooth = less signals, this is why i used this calculation process.

a = close and length = 7

a = least squares moving average and length = 25

So you could use pretty much everything you want as input.


The accuracy of such indicators is still relatively low but i presented a way to estimate tops and bottoms without using highest/lowest or differencing thus creating a totally new approach. I encourage you to experiment with it and share your results. If you learned something with this post then i'am happy :)


Based on several complaints i will have to leave even sooner, i think the 7 of June will be a good day, so if you need something i encourage you to ask me now. With the hope you can understand.

Thanks for reading !




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Does this repaint?
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Several complaints??? Who the hack complaints =(
I feel so angry about those people....

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@ICEKI, mostly friend and family, but don't worry about it, i still have plenty of time to do stuff, i hope you liked the indicator :)
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Can I use this in BTCUSD?
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alexgrover WoodLandSprite
@WoodLandSprite, Hi, to respond to your 2 comments : Yes you can use on BTCUSD, and no this indicator does not repaint :)
thank you kind for your great work, @alexgrover will look to tweak little bit this code by adding some more filters as conditions for its accuracy, it works like this too very well but will take it as part of my educational line in this beautiful game of knowledge called trading, simple and effective algo too :)
alexgrover scamArtist
@scamArtist, Thx for the support, feel free to add conditions and filters.
scamArtist alexgrover
@alexgrover, hmm, let's see...i could merge with one of your other toys out there but that would be just monkey business, i've already done that in many of my toys...btw me 2 i like angles and squares, any suggestion in that direction? :)
alexgrover scamArtist
@scamArtist, I never worked with angles so i can't tell, as for squares i don't know, i don't see how they could feet with this indicator. Maybe that i could work on it, i'll see in the future.
scamArtist alexgrover
@alexgrover, thank you kind sir, was just a noobish enthusiastic idea that crossed my mind anyway, still learning about dots, lines and circles, btw your tutorial about waves impulses it's an amazing source of inspiration for me, trying to figure it out actually how to implement some multi-dimensional system on a 2d plane that is the chart, later will move on on my pythonic things on quantopian to do some real staff there, since then, jsut experiment diff things (my mind got stucked on that gann star since i first saw it), my apologies for disturb, keep the good work on, u are great :)