[VC] Cumulative Delta PLUS

It is a Merged Version of our following two indicators.
V.C Box Chart Histogram
V.C Cumulative Delta Histogram.

We merged them at the user's request & convenience. This merged version also helps to save space for other indicators.

Description & Usage

Description & Usage will remain the same as described in individual descriptions of the above-mentioned parent indicators. Only one additional input is added to adjust the scale, named "Scale_Setting''.

Because now it's a merged version of 2 different indicators & both indicators have their different scale levels. To bring both indicators on an equal scale so that they can be visualised better, we have added scale adjustment settings that are easy to understand. Let's elaborate it.
Scale adjustment settings belong to the Cumulative length of the ''Cumulative Delta Indicator''. Keep in mind that the best scale setting is keeping the scale setting values near or equal to cumulative length.
For example:
If you set cumulative length 20, the scale setting value should also be 20 or near 20 (like 17, 18, 19 etc.). (It depends on you, how large cumulative columns you want to see relative to Box chart Histogram)
Note: Any scale setting value can be used, it only affects visuals, not the actual calculations.

Disclaimer Note:
V.C Cumulative Delta Histogram It is purely Volume , Delta, Demand & Supply imbalance and comparative analysis-based tool. Before applying this Indicator to your study, you should clear your concepts about Volume , Delta & Spread, Demand & Supply, and Aggressive & Passive behaviour of buyers/sellers.
Some basic understanding of Sir Richerd Wyckoff's Theory can also be helpful.

OrderFlow, Delta, Tape Reading & Imbalance Based Trader.
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