Script vendor requirements

TradingView is a global platform dedicated to helping its community share the love of finance and trading in a learning environment. We believe script vendors can bring value to our community by providing quality tools to traders who chose to rely on more experienced traders. To allow for this, we provide simple features to help vendors publish and control access to their public scripts via the invite-only mode of script publishing.

TradingView welcomes responsible vendors with the trading experience and know-how required to build original and useful trading tools. Charlatans aiming to lure traders into mysterious black boxes, promising unrealistic results or repurposing open-source code for resale, do not belong in our community.

If you hold a Premium account and provide access to public invite-only scripts, then you are considered a vendor and we expect you to abide by community regulations and House Rules.

Note concerning private invite-only scripts

The information above applies to public invite-only scripts. If you choose to publish your invite-only script privately, then it will not be moderated and the content requirements enumerated here do not apply. The requirements concerning business practices, however, do apply.

If you choose to publish private invite-only scripts, you must also accept that they will be invisible on TradingView. You are not allowed to refer or link to them to any public TradingView content.

Invite-only script titles

  • You may include either your username or company/brand name in the title.
  • Stick to the 7-bit ASCII character set. No emojis and no special effects using characters are allowed.
  • Never use all caps for any part of your title except abbreviations like BB, SR, etc.
  • Use English only.

Invite-only script descriptions

  • Script publications are not advertisements.
  • Make your script descriptions about the script itself; not about your company, brand, group, other products or results.
  • If your source code requires protection and you expect our users to pay for your script, we assume it does something special—otherwise protecting your source and asking for payment would not be required, or honest. If you deem your script to be original and useful, then you should be able to explain this to the community so users can decide for themselves if your script is worth paying for. If you require our users to blindly trust you without providing worthwhile information on your product, then you do not belong in the TradingView community.
  • Do not overuse your company/brand name in descriptions: one or two mentions should be enough.
  • Do not use all caps.
  • Languages other than English can be used, but English must be predominant, which entails it must come first.
  • Emojis are allowed, as long as they don't impede reading your description.
  • If your script must be used with another one and your description explains how to do that, you will be allowed to link to its TV page. If you abuse this by directing traffic to your unrelated publications, your script will be moderated.
  • No links or contacts are allowed in invite-only script descriptions. While certain educational links are allowed in open-source and protected scripts, they are not tolerated in invite-only script descriptions.
  • No pricing information is allowed in descriptions.
  • Solicitation is forbidden. Even asking users to comment or like your publications is considered solicitation.
  • Only instructions for users wishing to obtain access to your script are allowed. They must appear at the end of your description, using language such as "Use the link below to obtain access to this indicator" or "PM us to obtain access."
  • Do not make unrealistic claims. Do not attempt to confuse the community by inferring future performance from past results. If you are selling access to strategies, you should know enough about backtesting to understand that the results of a single test run shown with a published strategy do not constitute proof they will repeat in the future. If you don't, then you are a danger to the community and shouldn't be selling indicators.
  • Keep things real. Stating you offer "the greatest trend detector" or using a word like "guarantee" denotes either ignorance on your part or disrespect towards the community's intelligence. It will also quickly get you noticed by script moderators, which in turn can make your experience as a vendor on TV very difficult.
  • If you are presenting a strategy, we expect a discussion of the inevitable compromises involved in designing any strategy, the conditions or markets it is optimized for and its limits.
  • We expect you to document all the values used in the strategy's Properties dialog box to generate the results you show, including commission or slippage used.
  • Strategies using non-standard chart types are not allowed.

Signature field links and contacts

  • All links and contact information that will appear with your script must be defined in your User Profile's Signature field.
  • Its contents will automatically and retroactively appear under all your publication descriptions.

Invite-only charts

  • The graphic presentation of your script must be restrained and in-line with the down to earth tone we expect in descriptions.
  • While you may strive to achieve high visual impact, do not use flashy graphics that won't help users understand what your script does or how to use it and do not use all caps. For example, your indicator name in a text element on the chart does not qualify as being useful.
  • Unless your script must be used with another one and your description explains how to do that, do not include other scripts on the chart.

Invite-only script originality and usefulness

  • Your invite-only scripts must be original. Moderators will use your description and visuals to determine if your script meets our originality criteria.
  • If you use classic elements such as MACD, BBs, RSI, WaveTrend, Support & Resistance, MAs, etc., and you do not explain and show what original additions you have made to them, your script will be considered unoriginal and deemed not worth paying for. It will therefore be moderated.
  • We do not expect you to reveal everything about your calculations and logic, but the community should be able to understand what value your script brings and why they should pay for it.

Reuse of open-source code

  • Open-source scripts on TradingView exist to benefit the community—not vendors selling scripts. Accordingly, our House Rules concerning the reuse of open-source code are aggressively enforced with invite-only scripts.
  • Remember that if you intend to reuse open-source code, you must obtain permission from the original author and make it clear to them that you want to reuse it in paid a script. IT is important that you save all your authorizations.
  • If you reuse open-source code with permission from the author, this should be mentioned in your description. You may name the author, but not link to their content.

Challenge on the reuse of open-source code

  • As is stated in our rules, plagiarizing open-source code is considered a severe offense and may result in a permanent ban. If moderators have good reasons to suspect your script reuses open-source code without permission, the onus of supplying evidence proving the contrary falls on the author.
  • If moderators do not receive proof within 4 hours of their request (which will be issued when you are online), you will be considered to have failed the challenge.
  • Proving your code does not reuse open-source code will require you to send your code to moderators.
  • Vendors failing the challenge will, in most cases, be permanently banned.

Other publications by vendors (any content that is not an invite-only script)

  • As a vendor, your other publications (ideas, tutorials, open-source or protected scripts, script release notes, comments, chat posts, etc.) will be analyzed more thoroughly than those from other users.
  • Do not use other publications to advertise or generate traffic to your other content. Content on TV should be about providing information with immediate value to other traders—not about selling wares.
  • Other publications should not link to an invite-only script.
  • Other publications should not refer to the links in your signature field.
  • Script update release notes must only contain information on the update and are subject to the same rules applying to your script descriptions.

Wrongful business practices

  • Any vendor using wrongful business practices or misleading traders will immediately be permanently banned.

Vendors and script moderation

  • We recommend you take script publication violations very seriously, as only a very limited number of House Rules violations are permitted without a permanent ban of the vendor in question. With each successive violation, your ban period will increase. When your quota of violations has been reached, your account will be permanently banned from TragingView.
  • We recommend that you not attempt to make a case to our moderators that you cannot provide the information we require in your script's description, as doing so will immediately alert moderators to the fact that you are probably not the type of vendor that is right for our community.
  • While we appreciate vendor creativity in designing their products, using the same creativity to try to workaround our rules will get you into much more trouble than whatever gains you may have hoped for in doing so. It has very poor risk:reward and we do not recommend it.

While there is a lot to be aware of when selling access to your scripts on TradingView, we believe our requirements are reasonable and that any reliable vendor capable of bringing genuine value to the community should have no problem meeting them. If you find these requirements problematic for you, you will be better off selling your wares on another platform.

If you can respect these requirements, then welcome to the TradingView community!

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