Candle Combo Screener

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The Candle Combo Screener allows you to see candlestick combinations for up to 5 different tickers at the same time. If one of the candle combination is detected the corresponding cell will be highlighted to alert you.

Candle Combinations Detected
  • Bullish Kicker
  • Bullish & Bearish Oops Reversals
  • Open Equals High / Low
  • Inside Day

Select any 5 tickers. Colors and table settings are fully customizable to fit your style.

Bullish Kicker
The opening price of the current candle gaps up above the body of the prior day's candle AND the prior day's candle close was less than the open.

Oops Reversals
Bullish: Price opens below the prior day’s low and closes above.
Bearish: Price opens above the prior day's high and closes below.

Open Equals High / Low
The current candles opening price is equal to either the high or low of the day.

Inside Day
The current candles high and low are contained within the prior day's high and low.
Added ability to now detect Engulfing Candles..
This update is for those who run multiple instances of the indicator at the same time in order to be able to see more than 5 stocks.

New option to check if the indicator is the second or third instance. This will align the tables to appear as one larger table instead of seeing multiple small tables. Table "Y" position must be set to "Top" for all instances in order for the tables to line up correctly.

Update includes 3 Bar Breaks and ability to see up to 40 symbols. Each symbol / candle combo can be turned on or off in the settings.
typo fix

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