On Balance Volume Oscillator + Bollinger Bands [SigmaDraconis]

On Balance Volume (OBV) Oscillator with Bollinger Bands (BB).

Inspired by @LazyBear OBV Oscillator (link below)

Added BB to the oscillator and colored the OBV line yellow when it's outside the bands' limits, useful for finding over-extended zones where price reversals have higher probability of happening.
BB bands can be deactivated and the oscillator can be used as originally built by LazyBear if the BB bands are disabled and the OBV area activated.

Finding divergences helps increasing price behavior predictability too.

BB area is colored green when OBV is above the 20-period moving average and colored red when below it. This can be deactivated on the options to use regular BB colors or no BB at all.

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OBV Oscillator from LazyBear -
リリースノート: Added bollingerbands and onbalacevolume tags and "_SD" to the short title (for "SigmaDraconis").

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