Donchian Channel Trend Meter

Inspired by the Chande Trend Meter (this is not the Chande Trend Meter), this indicator aims to show the trend so you can make trading decisions accordingly. This is calculated by looking at Donchian Channels over a number of lengths (20, 40, 60 periods, etc.), converting them to percent, and then applying a weighting and smoothing similar to the Know Sure Thing Indicator. This results in smooth trend line that is not disturbed by large fluctuations in price action.

When the line is below 20%, you have a strong down trend. Values between 20 - 40% are a weak down trend. Values between 40 - 60% are no trend (slightly bullish or bearish if above or below 50%). Similarly, 60 - 80% is a weak uptrend, and above 80% is a strong uptrend. Trade signals can be turned on or off that correspond to crosses over 50%. It can be useful in spotting divergence.

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