Guppy Wave [UkutaLabs]


The Guppy Wave Indicator is a collection of Moving Averages that provide insight on current market strength. This is done by plotting a series of 12 Moving Averages and analysing where each one is positioned relative to the others.

In doing this, this script is able to identify short-term moves and give an idea of the current strength and direction of the market.

The aim of this script is to simplify the trading experience of users by automatically displaying a series of useful Moving Averages to provide insight into short-term market strength.


The Guppy Wave is generated using a series of 12 total Moving Averages composed of 6 Small-Period Moving Averages and 6 Large Period Moving Averages. By measuring the position of each moving average relative to the others, this script provides unique insight into the current strength of the market.

Rather than simply plotting 12 Moving Averages, a color gradient is instead drawn between the Moving Averages to make it easier to visualise the distribution of the Guppy Wave. The color of this gradient changes depending on whether the Small-Period Averages are above or below the Large-Period Averages, allowing traders to see current short-term market strength at a glance.

When the gradient fans out, this indicates a rapid short-term move. When the gradient is thin, this indicates that there is no dominant power in the market.


• Moving Average Type: Determines the type of Moving Average that get plotted (EMA, SMA, WMA, VWMA, HMA, RMA)
• Moving Average Source: Determines the source price used to calculate Moving Averages (open, high, low, close, hl2, hlc3, ohlc4, hlcc4)
• Bearish Color: Determines the color of the gradient when Small-Period MAs are above Large-Period MAs.
• Bullish Color: Determines the color of the gradient when Small-Period MAs are below Large-Period MAs.

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