Stop Hunts [MK]

Liquidity rests above/below previous highs and lows because these are the areas where traders are most likely to leave their orders/stop losses. The market can tap into this liquidity source by going beyond the previous highs and lows, this liquidity can then be used to reverse the market in the opposite direction.

As traders we may want to know if price will continue beyond previous highs and lows, or reverse the market. If price looks to be reversing after tapping into liquidity, this can be a good area to enter a trade. The same area can be used as a take profit level also.

The indicator identifies previous high/lows in two ways:
1. previous high/lows using 'PIVOT POINTS'. Pivots are easy to spot and are obvious within a price trend. Also called 'higher highs", "lower lows" etc. The number of candles required to form the pivot point can be adjusted in the script settings.

see below example of pivot point and stop hunt:
see how price reversed upwards after stop hunt on pivot point above.

2. previous candle high/lows. A previous candles high and low are also good areas of liquidity.
see below example of previous candle stop hunt:
see how price reversed upwards after stop hunt on previous candle low above.

Personally, I use the pivot point stop hunts on lower timeframes and previous candle stop hunts on higher timeframes. However users can adjust on which timeframes to show the indicator depending on their own trading style.

As ever all items within 'settings' are customizable.

The indicator is by no means a 'trading strategy' and users should be fully aware of the stop hunt concept and have conducted extensive back-testing before using with 'live' accounts.

The indicator may also serve as a 'teaching aid' to new students and as a reminder to more experienced traders.

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