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HuD DE | TE Expert is a combination of two indicators.

1. DE or Deviation Expert
DE is based on ema5 and ema20. This MA algorithm is to filter signals such as trend and convergence/divergence. It is represented by HA Candles.

There are 4 signals to assist traders in making decisions
i. Golden Cross = possible entry point ( Green Triangle )
ii. Death Cross = possible exit point ( Red Triangle )
iii. Cross Up Level 0 = look for Buy opportunity ( Green Diamond )
iv. Cross Down Level 0 = look for Sell opportunity ( Red Diamond )

There are also ema lines to monitor the movement of current candle movement.

2. TE or Trend Expert
TE is based on ema5 movement to assist traders to see the overall trend of chart movement.
The movement is represented by HA Candles.

There are 4 ema's lines to monitor HA Candles movements.
This lines act as support / resistance which can assist traders to see the current trend of the chart.

For example, if line is green ( Uptend) and the next candle drop below the first green ema lines, next line (ema10) acts as support.
If next candle breaks ema10, we can consider making an exit plan. Or for swing traders, they can consider waiting until candle drop below ema50 ( purple line ) before deciding to exit.

Note: This indicator setting only suitable for Bursa Malaysia market.
リリースノート: Add in Alert Function :
🟢 Golden Cross Alert
🔴 Death Cross Alert
✅ Cross Level 0 Alert


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This is invite-only script. Kindly pm me if you are interested to use it.


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