Bar Statistics

This script calculates and displays some bar statistics.

For the bar length statistics, it takes every length of upper or lower movements and calculates their average (with SD ), median, and max. That way, you can see whether there is a bias in the market or not.

Eg.: If for 10 bars, the market moved 2 up, then 1 down, then 3 up, then 2 down, and 2 up, the average up bars length would be at 2.33, while the average for the down length would be at 1.5, showing that upper movements last longer than down movements.

For the range statistics, it takes the true range of each bar and calculates where the close of the bar is in relation to the true low of it. So if the closing of the bar is at 10.0, the low is at 9.0, and the high is at 10.2, the candle closed in the upper third of the bar. This process is calculated for every bar and for both closing prices and open prices. It is very useful to locate biasses, and they can you a better view of the market, since for most of the time a bar will open on an extreme and close on another extreme.

Eg.: Here on the DJI, we can see that for most of the time, a month opens at the lower third (near the low) and closes at the upper third (near the high). We can also see that it is very difficult for a month to open or close on the middle of the candle, showing how important the first and the last day are for determining the trend of the rest of the month.

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