Day of week, Forex Fix

Calendar to work on instruments that trade a 24 hour day like crypto and forex, also does not display if you are above an intraday time. Main tweak was to end the trading day at 0000 (midnight) instead of 1700 (5pm) NYC time.
This update is geared towards Forex traders, which is why I chose to highlight Wednesday in yellow since that is commonly thought of as a midweek reversal point.

@airscape built a good calendar indicator based on the work of @ChrisMoody, this is really an update to their work and directed towards FX and Crypto
airscape: ChrisMoody:
Future development:
  • Toggle for light and dark themes
  • Adjustment/offset for DLST and local vs/ server time
  • Additional color bands to denote Asian/London/NYC sessions?
  • Text label for days instead of color option?
  • Clean up the code and simplify

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