ICT Clean Midnight [dR-Algo]

Are you a trader who values clean charts and precise indicators? Are you an avid follower of ICT Concepts? If so, the Midnight Marker is tailored for you. This ultra-simple, highly effective TradingView script draws a nearly transparent blue line at midnight on your chart, keeping your interface as clean as possible while delivering essential information.

Why is "ICT Clean Midnight" so Special?

  • Focus on Price Action: The minimalist design ensures that you can focus solely on price action, which is a core principle of ICT teachings.
  • Easy Back Testing: Whether you're trading live or back-testing strategies, the midnight marker helps you quickly identify key time points.
  • Customizable: Though designed to be subtle, the line's color and opacity can be easily customized to suit your charting needs.

This indicator embodies ICT's principle of maintaining a clutter-free, focus-driven trading environment. Perfect for both novice traders wanting to adopt ICT concepts and seasoned traders looking for minimalistic yet effective tools.


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