Asset capital flows - multi-timeframe

Indicator for use on the any timeframe to show net capital flows into an asset of your choosing, to allow the user to track potential buy and selling pressure.

Net volume is derived from lower timeframe data (5 minute chart by default for daily timeframe) and multiplied by the average price for the same LTF period (defined by the mean of the high, low + close values). This gives the net capital inflow or outflow for the asset per bar. The cumulative sum of all previous bars is also calculated each period/day and available to be plotted as a line chart.

This might be preferred to other similar indicators as it uses low time frame bars to calculate the up/down volumes and price, thus accuracy is improved.

It should be borne in mind that the values of capital flows displayed are specific to the asset and the volume/price feed origin (ie the listed exchange used), and thus correlated with the total underlying flows, but there are other external factors influencing the volume/price data feed beyond the buy/sell volume of the specified exchange (such as spot and futures trading on other locations/exchanges)

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