Advanced Volume

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The "Advanced Volume" indicator is a versatile tool designed for traders who need a detailed analysis of market volume dynamics. It provides three unique modes of volume analysis: Simple, Complex, and Analytics, each offering distinct insights for various trading styles.

Key Features:

Modes of Operation:
Simple Mode: Displays traditional volume data for a quick overview of market activity.
Complex Mode: Reveals the differential volume between buyers and sellers in a lower time frame. This mode features two average lines - one showing the current average volume level and another depicting the past average, based on the chosen length. These lines provide a comparative view of current and historical market dynamics.
Analytics Mode: Combines buyers' and sellers' volume in a lower time frame with their average. The average line in this mode changes color based on the dominant volume: it turns blue (default color for positive volume) if the average buy volume is higher, and switches to the sell volume color if the average sell volume is predominant.

Customizable Settings:
Average Length: Allows you to adjust the length for moving average calculations.
Definition: Select from 'Maximum', 'High', or 'Medium' for time frame granularity.
Visual Preferences: Customize the width and colors of the volume bars and average lines to suit your visual preference.

Dynamic Calculations and Plots:
Differentiates between up-volume and down-volume for nuanced market sentiment analysis.
Includes various plots such as volume bars, moving averages, and dynamic lines for comprehensive analysis.

Usage Tips:
Utilize 'Simple Mode' for a quick market overview.
Engage 'Complex Mode' to assess buying vs. selling pressures and compare current volume trends against historical averages.
Apply 'Analytics Mode' for an in-depth analysis of volume trends, with color-coded average lines indicating dominant market forces.
Divergences added as a background color


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