Envious Linear Regression Trend

Envious_ アップデート済   
Hey traders, this is a linear regression moving average trend indicator that is designed to filter out noise and give you a better insight of the current trend in the market. The design is a linear regression cloud that covers above the price or below the price and it changes colour based on the current dominant line through the crossover and crossunder feature. This indicator should be used as a confluence and not as a "trade the crossover indicator" and it is recommended that you combine this with analysis such as support and resistance to see how the market is doing. This indicator works best with Heikin Ashi candlesticks and it supports all chart types too.

3 Length Modes that are changeable via input on the settings.
Custom Bar Colour
Crossover Markups
Re-Entry Markups
Added Alerts
Added AlertCondition() alerts so you can customise the message.


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