FRAMA and Candlestick Patterns [CSM]

FRAMA (Fractal Adaptive Moving Average) is a technical analysis indicator that adapts its smoothing period according to the market's volatility, allowing it to provide accurate signals in all market conditions. This indicator script plots the FRAMA on a chart and generates buy and sell signals based on the FRAMA and candlestick patterns. It also includes an option to filter signals based on bullish and bearish engulfing patterns.

To detect candlestick patterns, the script imports the "BankNifty_CSM" library from the creator's public library on TradingView. The FRAMA calculation is done using a loop that iterates over the last "length" number of bars, with the smoothing factor adjusted based on the "fracDim" parameter.

The buy and sell signals are generated based on the position of the current price relative to the FRAMA line. If the "engulfing" parameter is set to true, the signals are further filtered based on bullish and bearish engulfing patterns.

Overall, this script combines various technical indicators and candlestick pattern recognition to provide a complete trading strategy. However, as with any trading strategy, it should be thoroughly backtested and evaluated before using it in a live trading environment.

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