GAVAD - Selling after a Strong Moviment

This strategy search for a moment whe the market make two candles are consistently strong, and open a Sell, searching the imediactly correction, on the new candle. It`s easy to see the bars on the histogram graph. Purple Bars represent the candle variation. when on candle cross ove the Signal line the graph plot an Yellow ci, if the second bar crossover the signal a green circle is ploted and the operation start on start of the next candle.
This strategy can be used in a lot of Stocks and other graphs. many times we need a small time of graph, maybe 1 or 5 minutes because the gain shoud be planned to a midle of the second candle. You need look the stocks you will use.
Stocks > 100 dolars isnt great, markets extremly volatly not too. but, Stocks that have a consistently development are very interisting. Look to markets searching maybe 0.5% or 1%.

For this moment, I make the development of a Brasilian Real x American Dollar. In 15 Minutes.
if you use in small timeframe the results can be better.
On this time we make more than 500 trades with a small lot of contracts, without a big percent profitable, but a small profit in each operation, maybe you search more than. To present a real trading system I insert a spreed to present a correct view of the results.
Each stock, Index, or crypto there is a specific configuration?

my suggestion for new stocks
You need choice a stock and using the setup search set over than 70% gain (percent profitable), using a 1% of gain and loss between 1-2%
as the exemple ( WDO )
default I prepare a Brazilian Index
6-signal (6% is variation of a candle of the last candle)
10000- multiplicator (its important to configure diferences betwen a stock and an Indice)
gain 3 (this proportion will be set looking you target, how I say, 1% can be good)
loss 8 (this proportion will be set with you bankroll management, how I say, maybe 2%, you need evaluate)
for maximize operations I use in the 1 or 5 minute graph. Timeframes more large make slowlly results,
(but not unable that you use in a 1 hour or a 1 day.)

I make this script by zero. Maybe the code doesnt so organized, but is very easy to understand. If you have any doubts . leave a comment.
I hope help you.

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