QFL Screener [ ZCrypto ]

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The QFL Screener is a robust tool inspired by Quickfingersluc's trading strategy.

Known as the Base Strategy or Mean Reversals, QFL focuses on identifying moments of panic selling and buying, presenting opportunities to enter trades at deeply discounted prices.

The QFL Screener is designed to enhance your trading efficiency by simultaneously scanning 40 symbols.

You have the flexibility to enable or disable specific symbols from the screening process, allowing you to tailor the screener to your preferred markets and instruments.

The Screener has a built-in alerts system. As soon as the QFL conditions align for any of the scanned symbols, you'll receive instant notifications, empowering you to take prompt action and seize potential trading opportunities.

In addition, I've incorporated a visual element to complement the alerts. Once the conditions are true, a green arrow shape will appear directly on the chart, providing a clear and intuitive signal of the QFL opportunity.

To provide a clear overview, our screener presents a comprehensive table that highlights when the QFL condition becomes true for each symbol. This table acts as a visual guide, enabling you to monitor the status of multiple symbols at a glance, streamlining your trading decision-making process.

With the QFL Screener, you gain an edge in identifying profitable trade setups based on Quickfingersluc's renowned approach. Experience the convenience of simultaneous screening, real-time alerts, and an intuitive table display, all in one user-friendly tool.
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