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The Fib Levels With Volume Profile and Targets (FIVP) is a trading tool designed to provide traders with a unique understanding of price movement and trading volume through the lens of Fibonacci levels. This dynamic indicator merges the concepts of Fibonacci retracement levels with trading volume analytics to offer predictive insights into potential price trajectories.


1. Fibonacci Levels: The FPI showcases three prominent Fibonacci levels on both sides of the current price, offering an intricate picture of potential support and resistance levels.

2. Support and Resistance Recognition: Harnessing the power of Fibonacci levels, the FPI provides traders with potential areas of support and resistance, aiding in informed decision-making for entries, exits, and stop placements.

3. Customizable Timeframe Settings: In order to cater to different trading strategies and styles, users can manually select their preferred timeframe for the Fibonacci calculations, ensuring optimal relevance and accuracy for their trading approach.

4. Volume Analytics: One of the standout features of the FIVP is its ability to calculate trading volume for every bar that is sandwiched between the top and lower Fibonacci levels. This ensures traders have a clear vision of where the majority of trading activity is occurring, lending weight to the credibility of the displayed support and resistance zones.

5. Volume-Derived Price Targeting: The Possible Target Arrow function is an innovative feature. By analyzing and comparing the trading volume in the bearish and bullish zones, it provides an arrow indicating the potential direction the market might take. If the bull volume surpasses the bear volume, the market is likely skewing bullish and vice versa.

Ideal for both novice and seasoned traders, the FPI offers a rich tapestry of information. It allows for refined technical analysis, more precise entries and exits, and a holistic view of the interplay between price and trading volume. Whether you're scalping, day trading, or swing trading, the Fibonacci Profile Indicator is designed to enhance your trading strategy, providing a comprehensive perspective of the market's potential movements.
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