First In, First Out Moving Average

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This script is a tool designed to calculate a First In, First Out (FIFO) Moving Average (MA) using traded prices and volumes. Additionally, it computes the Point of Control (PoC) from, which identifies the price levels (developing POC) with the maximum volume. The script is built to provide traders with a comprehensive analysis of price movements and volume dynamics, enhancing their understanding of market trends and potential entry/exit points.

Understanding the Mechanics:
The script maintains arrays for prices and volumes, where hypothetical trades are added.
For long trades (identified by red candles/bars), traded prices and volumes are appended to the respective arrays.
Short trades (identified by green candles/bars) trigger the removal of volumes from the arrays following the FIFO principle.
This process ensures the adjustment of partial or complete removal of oldest entries based on traded volume.

Analyzing Profit and Loss (PnL):
The script also tracks a hypothetical Profit and Loss (PnL) to understand whether the outcome is in red (negative) or green (positive) - color of the FIFO MA.

Interpreting the Results:
Once the script is applied to the chart, traders can observe the FIFO Moving Average (MA) and Point of Control (PoC) lines plotted.
By analyzing these lines and the associated colors (indicating positive or negative PnL), traders can make informed decisions regarding market trends, support/resistance levels and potential trading opportunities.
Some adjustments to default input settings.
Code refactor
Getting close/volume data from lower timeframe now.
Minor change in "getPoc" function
Enhanced the logic to ensure that the index does not exceed the size of arrayPoc.
  • Enhanced calculation speed and efficiency in handling FIFO Moving Average and Point of Control.
  • Improved time frame handling for better data granularity and accuracy.
  • Optimized code for performance gains.


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