Same high/low

If you are using support/resistance level-based strategies in your trading then this indicator can help you. I think that the retest level strategy is the best for beginners due to its simplicity of risk/reward calculations and higher abundance on the market. There is a well-known method to recognize a big player (buyer/seller) by candlestick pattern where the last two candles have the same low or same high. Moreover, abnormal candles increase the probability of a retest of a strong level, so my indicator highlights these two situations. In my opinion, a higher timeframe of a candle chart increases the win rate for this indicator (>1h).

So there are several patterns which my indicator can recognize:

1. Same low/high: blue flag up - same low, blue flag down - same high.

2. Mirror levels: high-low - green flag up, low-high - green flag down.

3. abnormal candles: yellow body if >2*ATR (please tune atr in properties, the default value is 5).

4. The red flag indicates the third candle with the same high/low in a row.

Thanks for your attention and have a good trading time!


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