It is an indicator that makes it easy to understand the change of ADX by adding a moving average to the famous indicator ADX .
Since ADX and DI have a part where the calculation formula of DI + and DI- is fixed to one bar, there was a problem that it does not make much sense to increase the length.
The biggest feature of this indicator is that it allows you to calculate multiple bars by increasing the multipler option.
For example, by setting multipler = 4 in the 1-hour time frame, it is possible to resemble the calculation result of the 4-hour bar in a multi-time frame.

How to use this Inge is the same as how to use ADX and DI
When ADX (orange) GX (blue circle), take a position in the direction of DI (green zone, red zone),
I think the payment is good when ADX (blue) is DX (orange circle)
when DI +(green), DI-(red) is 35 or more, contrarian is dangerous.




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