Alert on Candle Close

Alert on Candle Close is a simple indicator allowing you to set alerts when a candlestick closes.

Instructions for use

  1. From the chart window, click on "Indicators" and search for "Alert on Candle Close".
  2. Click on "Alert on Candle Close" to add the indicator to your chart. Click on the star icon to add it to your favourites to easily access later.
  3. Set your chart timeframe to the timeframe you wish to alert on. For example, to create an alert when a 4h candlestick closes, set your chart to the "4h" timeframe.
  4. Hover over the "Alert on Candle Close" indicator which has been added to your chart and click the ellipsis "..." icon, then click "Add alert on Alert on Candle Close" or use the keyboard shortcut "Alt+A" from the chart.
  5. In the alert pop-up window, make sure "Condition" is set to "Alert on Candle Close" and "Trigger" is set to "Once Per Bar".
  6. Optionally, you can set a custom expiry for the alert, give the alert a name and customise the alert message. You can configure notification settings from the "Notifications" tab.
  7. Click "Create" and your alert is set up!
Each alert is tied to the timeframe and chart it was created on, so you can change the timeframe or asset and create more alerts by repeating the above process.

Note: this indicator is only designed to work with time-based chart types, such as Bars, Candles or Heikin Ashi. It will not work for non-time charts such as Renko.


Why do my alerts sometimes not fire as soon as the candle closes?
This is a limitation with Pine Script's execution model. Indicators are calculated whenever a price or volume change occurs i.e. when a new trade happens. For illiquid or slow moving markets, there may be some time between when a candle closes and the next trade, leading to a delay in the alert triggering. The alert will trigger on the next tick of data on the chart.

Why can't I create more alerts?
TradingView has a limit on the number of active technical alerts you can have based on your membership tier. To configure more alerts, consider upgrading your TradingView plan to a higher tier. See a comparison of TradingView plans at

My alert only fired once, how can I get it to keep working?
When configuring the alert in the alert pop-up window, make sure you set "Trigger" to "Once Per Bar" and "Expiration" to "Open-ended alert".

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