Up Volume vs Down Volume

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Calculating NYSE Up Volume (UPVOL.NY) vs NYSE Down Volume (DNVOL.NY). The triangles appear when the ratio exceeds 90% in either direction.
Also has the option to switch to NQ, US, DJ, AM, or AX tickers.
Credit to @MagicEins for the original script:
リリースノート: Some minor formatting changes.
リリースノート: Replaced the label with a panel that shows both Up Volume and Down Volume ratios.
Consolidated the ticker input to one input.
General formatting.
リリースノート: Now shows intraday levels for minute and hour resolutions.
リリースノート: Panel is now visible on all resolutions
リリースノート: Added in 80% days
リリースノート: General clean up
  • Option to view cumulative or out of 100% (default cumulative)
  • Option to turn the 90% underlay on or off (default off)
  • Brighter colors for 90% days
  • Minor modifications to the previous update's changes
  • 90% Underlay now applies to both Cumulative and Relative display
リリースノート: Minor fixes
リリースノート: Minor updates
リリースノート: Added in Split or Stacked option.


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