Accumulation/Distribution explains when the big players buy or sell, according to Wyckoff.
I added some colors to make it more visibly, to get a hint when (not) to invest.

A/D is a lagging indicator.

When the MA is above A/D line, this should reflect distribution time, and big players are selling.
The oppsite is when MA is below the A/D line, then this should be an accumulation phase, and big players are buying.

For example, my preference is a TEMA20 for crypto, this gives me good results.
But I added a bunch of moving averages to choose from.
Depending on preferences/marked you can choose a moving average, set its length, and you can choose all the colors too.
I recommend the Volume indicator to setup the MA line, and this will get much better results!

I hope this script will help some people to do some better decisions.
And I am pleased to get some advice to make this script even better!

There is only one similar-sounding script in the public section.
Kudos go to jbneto with his Accum/ Dist + 200 EMA which gave me the inspiration.
It has a EMA200, and its focus is on the daily pivot price.

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