Generalized SSL by Vts

// Generalized SSL:
// This is the very first time the SSL indicator, whose acronym I ignore, is on Tradingview.
// It is based on moving averages of the highs and lows.
// Similar channel indicators can be found, whereas
// this one implements the persistency inside the channel, which is rather tricky.
// The green line is the base line which decides entries and exits, possibly with trailing stops.
// With respect to the original version, here one can play with different moving averages.
// The default settings are (10, SMA )
// Vitelot/Yanez/Vts March 2019

リリースノート: Corrected constant behavior when close is inside channel
リリースノート: // April 2019: added coloured cloud (red=bearish, green=bullish)
リリースノート: September 2019: increased number of MA available; converted to Pine V4
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is there anyway you can make this colour barsaswell Pls
biskit187 biskit187
@biskit187, it's all good figured it out
Great job man! Thanks :) Here is the strategy with backtest date range and trailing stop / stop-loss:
Much appreciation from the NoNonsenseForex clan!!!
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vitelot NaturalTrader
@NaturalTrader, It's a pleasure.
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