Multi ZigZag

I created this as basis for my next scripts. We are just trying to plot multiple zigzags with different length basis here. Input allows you to select different Length, Width, Color and Line Style for each Zigzags.

Max_pivot_size says how many pivots each Zigzag can have. Value 100 means, each zigzag will show 99 lines joining 100 points.

Additional option ShowStatsTable allows you to print pivots in a table. Table only shows selected zigzags.
リリースノート: Add max_bars_back
リリースノート: Updated color coding of table cells to reflect higher high/higher low
リリースノート: Fix small error in zigzag calculation
リリースノート: Fix logical bug in calculating the bar upon no change direction
リリースノート: Major update

  • Fix all zigzag calculation issues
  • Simplified settings
  • Added option for external/alternate source

リリースノート: Convert to pine 5

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