Chop Zone - SamX

This is my spin on the Chop Zone indicator. It was forked from the built-in TradingView Chop Zone indicator. There were several reasons for this effort...

  • The built-in indicator version had no real configuration options
  • It was hard-coded to use the 34-period EMA with fixed span sizes for identifying price range
  • There was no real context to the meaning of default color scheme
  • The separation points of the chop zone bars was at a fixed 1.43-degree scale

Note: If left at default settings, this indicator will exactly match the built-in Chop Zone indicator.

WARNING: Please be sure you understand the potential impact and implications before adjusting any of the settings in the "Advanced Configuration" section!!!

Chop Zone with discrete/standard coloring:

Chop Zone with gradient fill:

Moving Average angle plot with gradient fill:

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