Engulfing and ema

This is a Pine Script script that helps you see the Engulfing Candlestick and Inside Bar (Boring Candle) candle patterns on the TradingView chart, as well as drawing two Exponential Moving Averages (EMA). Here's a simple explanation:

1. **Candle Pattern**:
- This script identifies the Engulfing Candlestick pattern, which indicates potential changes to the price. If this pattern is detected, the script will show a green (for buy) or red (for sell) arrow above or below that candle.
- The script also identifies the Inside Bar (Boring Candle), which indicates the period area in the market. This candle will be the color you choose (default is orange).

2. **Moving Average (EMA)**:
- This script also plots two Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) on the chart. EMA is a tool that helps you see price trends more clearly.

3. **Risk Management**:
- This script calculates the Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) levels for each Engulfing pattern. This helps you manage your trading risks.
- Labels are displayed on the charts for SL and TP, so you know where to place them.

With the help of this script, you can easily identify important patterns in the market and manage your risks better. Make sure to choose a demo account before using it in real trading.

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