Support and Resistance-Heiken Ashi-Swing Index System-alerts

This is a breakout system that has pivot swing lines and a trailing stop built in. Many people try to use different ways to find out what a swing point is such as, zig zags, lookbacks, fractals, hand-drawn chart lines, or other subjective indicators. This looks at the heiken ashi price to objectively find the swing pivots. Many would agree that the color changes in the heiken ashi bars are signs of price reversals. This indicator tells where the significant swing points will be based on this concept. A lookback for a specific number of bars is then done to make sure the lowest low or the highest high is the actual swing point by looking at all possible combinations where it could be after finding the color change in the heiken ashi bar. After the swing points are found, the pivot lines can act as support and resistance levels, as trailing stops, as a confirmation of a breakout, or any other use that S/R lines might have. The colored zone filling is included along with the pivot top and bottom lines to show that the price has broken above/below the pivot lines and has remained above/below them. This trailing stop can be used as a final indication of an exit for trend following, breakout system, or any other system that it might benefit from by sometimes reacting before other trailing stop to give off a more reliable exit signal. It works similarly to other trailing stops such as ATR based ones and Supertrend, but instead of being used for an exit or stop, it is meant more for an entry or confirmation signal. A breakout of a price pattern or S/R levels can be confirmed when the colored red/green zone changes color. Other trailing stops or exit strategies can be combined to give off a better exit.

I made this indicator so that instead of using a trailing stop line to show the direction of the breakout or trend, a colored zone is used so that it doesn't get in the way of the upper and lower lines. It can be turned off in the settings if only the support and resistance lines are needed. Other than that, this indicator doesn't need any inputs whatsoever to find out where the swing pivots points might and are found objectively using heiken ashi. I also included several alerts to signal whenever the trend direction color zone changes, when the price breaks support or resistance, or when it breaks the previous support and resistance levels.