MACRS {Lite}

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This is the open-source stripped down version of the full-featured RSI-MACD indicator (MACRS), with the ADO and the option to filter out weekend price action removed.

The main oscillator is the RSI modulated by the MACD (default). The RSI mode can be disabled to revert to a normal MACD oscillator for the main oscillator.
When the main oscillator (thicker line) is > 0, it is green; and if it is < 0, it is red.

The MACD can be re-scaled and whenever its value > 100, a background fill between the oscillator and the zeroline appear to indicates overbought condition; and < -100 indicates oversold condition. The user can tweak the scaling factor to optimize this for a given chart and timeframe.

A (thick transparent light blue) volume oscillator is also provided. An increase in volume trend provides confirmation of (or solidifies) the movements in the main oscillator over that period. A falling volume oscillator trend raises doubts on the main oscillator trend, and hints of the possibility of a counter-trend (also look at the secondary ADO oscillator for clues).

The novel aspects and principles of this indicator and this source code are the property of © cybernetwork.
This indicator and script is free for the TV community to use.
Updated short-title.
Corrected typos.
Changed default MACD rescale factor to 100%
Updated plot labels.
Set MACD state fill condition to = 0.

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