CVD+ - Multi Symbol Cumulative Volume Delta

Edit of TradingView's LTF CVD

TradingView's CVD is already the most accurate CVD on the platform because of the LTF data. The purpose of the edit is to provide the ability to compare volume flow between multiple exchanges, futures & spot, multiple symbols or any other potential use case. All in single layout or even a single pane.

Added features:
  • - Option to manually select a symbol from which to calculate the LTF CVD
  • - Option to normalize the selected symbol's CVD to the chart's symbol's CVD (Useful when you want to compare futures and spot on the same pane)
  • - Label that displays the selected symbol's name and exchange
  • - Changed presets to plot the CVD line as the predetermined option

All of TV's original features remain the same.

If you want to support the work:

BTC: bc1qvag25270s20gqyun9sndjnv7tnvx8jj5ay62n5

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