This script allows you to calculate position size, and future profit, loses.
- You can add 3 target values and 1 stop loss
- Optionally you can display table, position it as you like, and see risk ratio

- add profit loss to the labels
リリースノート: Added profit/loss values to the labels
リリースノート: labels text color/size changes
リリースノート: - added possibility to use stop-loss with percentage
- added commission field
リリースノート: Added shares/coins amount input option, to be able to calculate position size and amount based on this value
リリースノート: Added font size option for targets
リリースノート: Added risk reward value to the label
リリースノート: R/R fixes
リリースノート: Added 2 more target values
リリースノート: Visual adjustments
リリースノート: Entry label adjustments
リリースノート: fixed shares calculation price if entry price is different from the close price, thx to @markmaimai for pointing

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