STD-Filtered, ATR-Adaptive Laguerre Filter [Loxx]

STD-Filtered, ATR-Adaptive Laguerre Filter is a standard Laguerre Filter that is first made ATR-adaptive and the passed through a standard deviation filter. This helps reduce noise and refine the output signal. Can apply the standard deviation filter to the price, signal, both or neither.

What is the Laguerre Filter?
The Laguerre RSI indicator created by John F. Ehlers is described in his book "Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures". The Laguerre Filter is a smoothing filter which is based on Laguerre polynomials. The filter requires the current price, three prior prices, a user defined factor called Alpha to fill its calculation. Adjusting the Alpha coefficient is used to increase or decrease its lag and it's smoothness.

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